Far too many politicians define themselves only by what they’re against. I think we’d be better off if leaders told you what they’re for.

  • I’m for limited government that does the few things it’s supposed to do well and then gets out of the way so that Tennesseans can thrive.
  • I’m for the small business owners who are providing jobs to our neighbors so they can provide for their families.
  • I’m for protecting the God-given human dignity of every single person, from the young man with Down Syndrome to the abandoned child in the foster care system and the widow in the nursing home.

Our constitutional structure gives us the greatest political system in human history because it ensures the power resides in the people, protecting us from government interference and letting us create strong communities and strong families that promote human flourishing. It requires leaders that realize this truth and will never stop fighting for our neighbors. That’s my promise to you.


Ensuring that every family has access to a quality education that best suits each of their children will be my #1 priority as a State Representative.  As a TN public school graduate and a former Metro Nashville Public Schools teacher, I know we need more elected leaders who’ve rolled up their sleeves to make a difference in education. As a parent of two young boys, the future of education in Tennessee is personal to me.

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Tennessee is one of the most business-friendly states in our nation. As your State Representative, I will do my part to be sure it stays that way. Since starting my own small business, I’ve learned that there is a lot more we can do as a state to cut back on red tape and wasteful bureaucratic regulations so that more Tennesseans can start their own businesses, work hard, and create good-paying jobs that serve our communities well.

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Opioid Crisis

Each day, 142 Americans die of drug overdose.  This is a national crisis without boundaries of race, education, creed, or socio-economic status. Tennessee is one of the hardest-hit states. Addiction impacts not only the patient – but the entire family and community. Opioid addiction isn’t a moral failing, it is a failure of our medical, judicial, regulatory and education systems  – and we need to start to treat it as such.

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Safe Neighborhoods and Effective Justice System

My wife Palmer and I are lifelong Tennesseans; and while we are proud of our state, we are also not blind to the fact that Tennessee has some real challenges with crime and the safety of our neighborhoods. With two young children of our own, we are particularly attuned to the need for safe neighborhoods. Keeping citizens safe is one of the government’s most important jobs.

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My Pledge to Promote Civic Education & Civility

As a former U.S. history and civics teacher, I know how important it is for our next generation to understand the importance of how our freedoms and liberties must be fought for and defended at all times. As a constitutional lawyer, I’ve defended these freedoms in courts and legislatures around the nation. But I’m running for office because our children need to see elected leaders fighting to do what’s right instead of fighting to get re-elected. Our elected leaders must model a respect for our constitutional systems and structures, treating constituents and colleagues with civility and respect.

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